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submissiveness n : the trait of being willing to yield to the will of another person or a superior force etc.

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  1. The property of being submissive.


the property of being submissive

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Submissiveness is the incidence or trait of yielding to the expressed will of another person or some display of force. It can be found in everyday human interaction. Submissiveness can be a benign aspect of the social fabric, or it may be part of other problems that a person experiences.
Within human relationships there may be a submissive partner. This partner may be trying to appease the other(s) through agreeing to their command. If they are otherwise healthy this partner may be content. If one or both of the people are experiencing chronic, pervasive emotional distress then the relationship or individuals may require reevaluation.
People who are eager and willing to take on a recurring submissive role in a relationship or who fetishize the trait of submissiveness may seek out others that share their interest or form long term pairings based on consenting to heightened levels of submission in a relationship. This may be incidental in certain cultural or social groups, or may be explicitly expressed in others such as the BDSM subculture (particularly Pup-play), or the Taken in hand subculture.
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